Microsoft Azure

Take Your Business To The Cloud

Microsoft Azure

Technology moves fast. Bring your business to the cloud and watch it grow using Microsoft Azure, a reliable and secure cloud platform. Azure smoothly intertwines with your existing infrastructure and applications, adding IT flexibility and stability to your business with scalability that adjusts to your business’s needs and budget. Azure is a cost-effective solution providing your company with pay-as-you-go scalable plans depending on usage.

Microsoft’s Cloud Platform Empowers Modern Businesses

Microsoft Azure features rapidly provisioned virtual machines to drive your business from simply being a follower to be an industry leader. Packages can include cloud storage with backup, recovery, and geo-replication to ensure nothing slips through the Azure cloud.

Need to access your information remotely? Have security and authenticity concerns? Microsoft Azure allows you to safely share and access data with secure sign on across devices and platforms via compliant Microsoft-managed datacenters that will protect your business and offer quality customer support. Azure has multi-factor identity authentication and access management features to keep your information secure.

Go global and develop apps spanning across the world. Microsoft Azure provides you with the resources needed to not only develop apps in any code language quickly and efficiently but also allows you to deploy them with 99.95% compute SLA.

When choosing the best strategy for your business, peace of mind, easy management, and the ability to make better decisions quickly are priorities.  Azure recognizes and fulfills these needs by providing reliable backups and recovery when needed all while increasing your productivity and efficiency by lowering hardware failure and systems overload.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Capabilities include:

  • Highly available and scalable relational cloud databases
  • Distributed in-memory application cache system
  • Persistent and durable storage in the cloud
  • Standards-based service for identity and access control
  • Use familiar tools in new and exciting ways

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